One of my girlfriends mentioned off-hand Project Zomboid and I got the urge to play it again. I'm rocking a huge modlist including Expanded Events, which I set too high in frequency so I literally don't have to worry about food this run. My yard has like 10 supply drops, though only some have the MREs.

The house furthest from Riverside to the east is circled, with arrows denoting where it is in relation to river side

I always pick the same house, and because I play so rural I set Zombie population to low. The supply of wood is unmatched with minimal zombie presence, the river is also a nice touch for lategame. Both for water and fish, if set the population to respawn I might have built a corridor between my house and the river over the road with some sort of airlock system. Thoughts for when we do multiplayer perhaps.

An obnoxious number of walls have been constructed in the yard of the house.

I hate the early carpentry grind so much. I didn't get a lot of time to watch Life and Living because of how precarious my spawn was. Please The Indie Stone I just want to make water collection barrels (sobbing emoji). I literally don't need this much storage, but I still havent found any carpentry books and am 300xp from carpentry 4. This shakes out to... about 100 more structures built. I think this merits a run to Riverside to rob a bookstore.